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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Patch 1.0.3c

by Redglyph, 2021-09-14 16:04:24

Another big patch was released today for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

PF: WotR: patch 1.0.3c

Known issues

  • In chapter 5 don’t skip the scene of getting a Mythic level, it may break the game;
  • Re-training your character will break late-game Mythic Paths, such as Legend, Gold Dragon, Swarm-that-Walks, a secret path;
  • Sometimes opening a UI that pauses the game, such as level up screen, may pause the game even after. Workaround: open and close the inventory if it happens;
  • Characters on a secret mythic path, who have already taken mythic ranks in it, won't be able to get mythic feats or abilities from previous mythic ranks of that mythic path.


  • Deep-Rooted Derangement could break if you skipped the cut-scene which started it - fixed;
  • Fixed the infinite XP gain in the dialogue with Thaberdine;
  • The second dialogue with Nulkineth could start more than once - fixed;
  • The logic in the dialogue with Toil in Ember's quest in chapter 5 has been fixed;
  • The logic in the dialogue with Melies in chapter 5 has been fixed;
  • A romantic event with Galfrey from the 3rd chapter could start in chapter 5 - fixed;
  • Fixed inability to complete the Grudges to Settle quest if you kill Chivarro before talking to Herrax;
  • Sometimes Arueshalae refused to talk even after leaving the prison - fixed;
  • Anevia in chapter 5 now properly recognizes whether the player remained the Commander in chapter 3 or not;
  • A cutscene at the end of Death's Embrace sometimes didn’t start - fixed;
  • Fixed an error that could give a wrong objective related to the Prisoner of the Abyss quest after talking to Sosiel;
  • A cut-scene with Azata’s Free Crusaders could freeze in Midnight Fane - fixed;
  • Sometimes Days of Strife wouldn’t fail after finishing chapter 1;
  • From a Dead Woman's Hands: in some cases, it was impossible to call Sosiel to talk with Paralictor Aminos Renth in Drezen - fixed;
  • A Conversation with Halaseliax sometimes didn’t start after Dragon's Awakening - fixed;
  • Above the Clouds: it was possible to get an objective to speak to Desnans about music too early. Fixed. If you already got the objective, just wait until the time is right for this dialogue to trigger;
  • In some cases after Azata’s battle at Flesh Markets, a conversation with Rhamisa wouldn’t start - fixed;
  • A cut-scene with Rhamisa could trigger twice if you went into her hideout again - fixed;
  • A romantic scene with Galfrey didn’t start before Midnight Fane - fixed;
  • Dragon's Awakening: Halaseliax could stay in Drezen while he was supposed to leave for Kenabres - fixed;
  • Fighting against your previous companions on some difficulties resulted in their resurrection after a fight - fixed;
  • In chapter 1, if, after scouting the Tower of Estrod, you failed to report to Irabeth before the attack on the tavern started, this objective wouldn’t be completed - fixed. You will receive another objective;
  • Fixed replies in the dialogue with Nocticula during Demon’s quest in chapter 5.


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