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Persona 4 Golden - GFX Review

by Hiddenx, 2020-06-24 17:47:46

IGN checked out the quality of the Persona 4 Golden PC Port:

Persona 4 Golden PC Port Analysis

A Golden opportunity not gone to waste.

If you were a fan of JRPGs 10 years ago, you were playing on consoles. There was simply no other choice. Living in the (currently somewhat dystopian) future year of 2020 as we do, it’s easy to lose sight of just how much has changed when it comes to this particular genre and the platforms it traditionally targeted – especially as a well put together port of Persona 4 Golden unexpectedly makes its way onto Steam today.



Overall, Persona 4 Golden’s Steam version is a fantastic way to play this game, with solid graphics options, arbitrary resolution and framerate support, relatively fast loading times, and good support for remappable keyboard controls. Steam features such as achievements and cloud saves are included, and even the minor online aspects of the “Golden” version were faithfully ported. Additionally, this release adds the ability to choose between English and Japanese voice acting, a very welcome addition in what is inherently a very Japanese game.

The nit-picks such as video asset quality, locked aspect ratio, and even the far-worse-than-it-could-be performance are all at least somewhat understandable from a development and prioritization perspective, and do little to detract from the quality of the port in most practical cases.
Thanks Zloth!

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