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Phoenix Point - Backer Build 3 First Impressions

by Silver, 2018-12-03 21:07:24

Any Button Gaming shared their impressions of Backer Build 3 for Phoenix Point.


Overall, it’s a well-developed game for this stage.   To make the game even better I would recommend speeding up the AI’s turn.  Players don’t like waiting for the computer to think.   Add a tutorial to assist new players.  Not all players will have played strategy games previously.   It would be great to know if you have to defeat all enemys or if they have a base you can destroy in each battle.  A tutorial would also help with how the missions work into the game.  To me they seemed like side missions that I didn’t have to do if I didn’t want to.   It would also be interesting to have the option of playing online and battling other players instead of the AI.  At this stage the game is definitely playable and in a better development spot then I’ve seen with other games,  however I look forward to seeing where the developers take the game in the future.

Thanks Farflame!

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