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Pillars of Eternity II - Review @Gaming on Linux

by Silver, 2018-05-15 06:11:38

Gaming on Linux offered their thoughts on Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


With that said, there are some caveats that could put people off. For example, it’s not a game that would draw in newcomers that easily. As well as the choices from the previous game are explained and integrated, I can see new players feel a little overwhelmed by the weight of the in-game history. Combined with the open nature of the game, it could also be hard for them to decide what they should be doing and, most importantly, why. Some part of this is due to the limited nature of the quest journal; it could use more options for filtering and sorting quests and people.

For those who persist or are coming back to the series with positive expectations, however, I think that they’ll find an engaging and delightful adventure waiting for them. I can only hope that Obsidian will take stock of what worked and what didn’t and apply it to their future games. Warts and all, I enjoyed my time in the Deadfire and there’s very little else that’s available to play that matches the scope and loving attention to detail found in the game.

Thanks rjshae!

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