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Prey - All About Alien Powers

by Silver, 2017-04-18 23:02:45

@RockPaperShotgun Prey is all about alien powers and it is what distinguishes this game from its peers according to Alec Meer.

It was there, polished and pacey, absolutely the kind of thing I traditionally enjoy in an action game - but it was guns and monsters and doorcodes. Where was the thing that made Prey unique? I've been back and played a later section of the game, amongst other things I've transformed myself into a stack of towels and now I have a much clearer sense of what this new Prey really is. I can show as well as tell you why.

The thing that we all got hot under the collar about when real details of Arkane's Prey reboot began to trickle out was the option for alien-derived powers, in addition to gunplay and Deus Exy hacking/strength/stealth abilities. Turn into a cup! Yeah, man. I'm down for that. That the idea of roleplaying as an inanimate object while playing an exciting action game is what most appeals probably says far more about me than I am comfortable with. Regardless of whatever unhealthy interest in kitchenware I might possess, it was a mild disappointment that my first hands-on encounter with Prey had all the alien stuff locked away.

The new section I played is, in terms of the game's internal chronology, about 45 minutes on from where the first chunk left off. I'll dodge story stuff, of which there was in any case less, this time around, and focus on features. Features like this:



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