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Project Wight - First Character Design

by Silver, 2018-06-10 19:49:14

@OnlySP The first character design for Project Wight has been shown.

Former Battlefield designer David Goldfarb tweeted out the first character design from Project Wight, an upcoming title in development by his co-founded studio The Outsiders.

The tweet, embedded below, appears to show a menu screen with, according to evidence seen in a previous trailer, the playable character. The main character is a wight, which translates to an undead creature that specialises in fast-paced combat:

In the spirit of E3, here is something from #projectwight. We are still hard at work here at the Outsiders making this monster game. And I wish you could hear the incredible soundtrack that @BjorkmanElvira and @nhjertberg have made. Chills.

— David Goldfarb (@locust9) June 8, 2018

Thanks Farflame!

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