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Queen's Wish - Review

by Silver, 2019-11-27 22:50:26

Christ Centered Gamer reviewed Queen's Wish: The Conqueror.

As far as the moral front, there are a few instances where pentagrams appear as areas where monsters can be summoned. There are some undead monsters that can appear, including the ability for the player to summon and control skeletons. When enemies are killed, they go flying off the screen and leave small splotches of blood. There are some subtle political messages in the game as well. For example, one of the regions – the Ahriel – is governed by wealthy elites who live in a hard-to-reach city, who enact rules with little concern for the citizens who live in the rest of their region. This seems to echo the exact problems that Washington State is going through, and I am sure that other states in the United States can also relate. Given that Spiderweb Software is based out of Seattle, this is likely not a coincidence.


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