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Rain of Reflections - Reviews

by Silver, 2019-10-09 20:29:18

Some reviews for Rain of Reflections.

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All that said, Rain of Reflections manages to introduce a cast of interesting characters and plot that becomes so emotionally complicated in the final minutes that I want to continue playing just to find out how they unravel the knot. The adoption and adaptation of tactical gameplay shows real promise, and I hope the next two chapters continue to build on those instincts.

If you’re itching for a character-focused story set against the grime and rot of cyberpunk dystopia, Rain of Reflections checks all the boxes. It’s a bit of a rough introduction, but I’m hopeful Lionbite can sand down the edges for Chapter 2. 

[Reviewed on PC]



Rain of Reflections offers a neat adventure game fused with the combat element which sets it above similar games. Chapter 1 acts as an introduction and if the following two chapters expand upon the ideas here (especially the turn-based combat) then this will be an interesting series to dive into. The hacking lets the game down somewhat, but perhaps some players will enjoy the mild puzzle element here. For under £15 it’s not bad value at all but in terms of replay it’s not offering too many choices if any at all considering once you playthrough you know what to expect. Perhaps a difficulty option could have improved replay. As it stands, Rain of Reflections comes as a interesting prospect but not a game for all players.

Score 7.5/10

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