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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Interview

by Silver, 2018-10-10 10:19:48

Double Damage was interviewed by Gamingbolt about Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and outlined the major changes, story details, player choices, and more.

What had first made you decide to create a prequel to Rebel Galaxy?

The first Rebel Galaxy was more of just an experiment for how to make a space game. We learned so much, technically, but probably more creatively. We knew we could address the problems of the first game, mostly the repetition and grindy-ness, but also wanted to go further creatively. We wanted to push character and grit further, and thought an earlier setting would creatively make sense, less high tech and more lawlessness.

What are some of the major changes and improvements that this game brings?

The biggest change was the switch to cockpit-oriented dog-fight style flight and combat, versus the naval-style combat of the first game. I’d say we’ve improved on the original in just about every way. Some specifics are a deeper, more character driven story, less repetition of content, better UI and cool mini-games.


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