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Return to Nangrim - First Person Dwarf RPG

by Silver, 2021-09-14 09:26:06

Return to Nangrim is described as a dark first-person fantasy adventure with survival and RPG elements. There is a demo available on the Steam page.


Cold winds howl through the abandoned caverns of Nangrim. This forsaken place holds nothing good for those who dare to pass. Now you must survive down in the depths of this ancient dwarven mountain city, and discover the fate of the Stonebeards in their last days.

Return to Nangrim is a dark first-person fantasy adventure with survival and RPG elements embedded in an epic dwarven lore. Go on an adventure and unveil the mysteries and legends woven around the Stonebeards, the once glorious and powerful dwarven family living in the northern Nimbor Mountains. The fabled world of Nangrim awaits you. 


  • Explore epic locations and unveil their secrets. Collect, combine and craft items, and interact with the environment to progress.
  • Find and forge weapons to defend against the dangers that lurk in the dark. Not all creatures have left the mountain fortress.
  • Become a master blacksmith. Learn to forge like the dwarves of old.
  • Your torch is essential: it is not only a flame to light your way but also your primary weapon of defense; keep it close when the darkness closes in.
  • Hammer or axe? Both are unmerciful tools against the evil forces. Forge and upgrade them to unlock their full potential.
  • Use Hilduir, the runic language of the dwarves, to piece together the story, puzzles, and culture of this long-forgotten nation.
  • Procedural elements guarantee a different gaming experience for every player.
  • Experience deep and extensive fantasy lore with tons of side contents, collectibles, and hidden items.


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