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Risen 2 - Reviews @ AtomicGamer, Mash Those Buttons

by Dhruin, 2012-04-23 22:59:19

Here is another pair of Risen 2 reviews and, once again, the results are mixed. AtomicGamer complains that Piranha Bytes needs to make their games more accessible (which our readers may take as a positive comment) on the way to a score of 7/10:

Serious pirate-themed games only come once every few years or so. Sometimes the gimmicks the theme brings are welcome additions, and other times games feel bogged down with half-baked swashbuckling gags and silliness. Luckily, Risen 2: Dark Waters is one of the former, but it seems that Piranha Bytes refuses to learn their lesson about making games accessible, so you can expect your first few hours with the game to be quite frustrating as you learn (or re-learn) the peculiar way that the developers want you to play it.

Mash Those Buttons finds the game "inconsistent", though again our readers may enjoy some of the oversights. Score: 3.2/5:

Piranha Bytes gained recognition for the hardcore Gothic series and Risen, while more accessible, still has some of the same uncompromising attitude toward player guidance woven throughout. It’s important to pay attention to what NPCs tell the main character because there’s not much hand holding in quests. A quest log helps keep things organized and can show prior conversations relevant to individual quests since NPCs don’t usually repeat themselves. Quest markers can be placed on the map in the menu, but here again inconsistency shows up. The location of a mundane NPC in town that needs to be spoken to might not be marked, but a quest marker may show the location of every individual piece of cargo on different beaches for a side-quest. The lack of markers for things like legendary items scattered throughout the world make perfect sense – the hunt is part of the accomplishment – it’s the occasional missing marker that is baffling.

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