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Rogue Empire - Early Access launched

by Hiddenx, 2018-02-10 08:06:49

The Early Access version of the roguelike Rogue Empire is now available:

Rogue Empire


The shadow came, destroying everything in its way! Every kingdom in Ethistos was loosing ground and lives. When all seemed lost... the First Shadow disappeared! Where? How? No one knows... But the marks of their coming still linger across Ethistos!

Rogue Empire is an tactical turn-based RPG randomly generated content and heavy Rogue-like elements. Choose one of multiple character combinations and advance it with unique abilities!

Embark on a quest to heal the world of Ethistos and unveil the mysteries of the First Shadow!

Key features:

  • Randomly generated dungeons, items and events! Play again and again!
  • Unique class building based of Trading Card Games concepts.
  • Many unique bosses to defeat!
  • 7 races and 5 distinct classes to choose!
  • A huge map with exploration events, side quests and story!
  • Soul essence: Dying will provide you with valuable soul essence, used to unlock perks and new options for your next adventures!
  • A beautifully illustrated story with multiple endings!

Information about

Rogue Empire

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Roguelike
Platform: PC
Release: In development