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RPGWatch - Official Game of the Decade Voting

by Myrthos, 2020-02-06 12:17:45

Update: You can no longer vote for this.

Now that we have closed our Game of the Year awards, it is time for the very first Game of the Decade and obviously we mean RPGish Game of the Decade. Our very own lackblogger has volunteered to do all the heavy lifting and process all your votes into a list that shows what the role playing game of the decade is.

Here is what each voter has to do:

Imagine your own personal Games of the Decade list and PM it to lackblogger. There are no rules regarding form or content, lackblogger will sort it all out in the wash.

What he wants is for everyone to just PM him their list of personal nominations.

you can vote for just one game. you can vote for 809 games, it makes no difference to him.

You can say in the PM how you want the weighting for each game you list. you can do a personal top 10, a personal top 100, or say you want every game on your list to be equally weighted, or you can provide tiers, you can provide the info in any way that you like, lackblogger will sort it all out so it all still works.

This main thread for the vote is an official RPGWatch vote thread but this thread will only be used for people to ask questions and advertise what they voted for, only PM'ed votes will count.

Questions about the poll should not be PM'ed to lackblogger, that's what the thread will be for. Questions sent as PMs will not be answered. If someone gets all spammy you'll be warned that you will be reported… and then be reported if you continue to spam him.

People will be allowed to change their vote right up until the last minute.

Voters will have to be prepared to get PMs back if thre are questions about their specific selections, such as vagaries, typos, versions, etc.

The list of 809 games from the RPGWatch database can be found here, for people to use as a guide to jog their memories if needed, but it wont link to any voting forms or anything.

The list of games is just a dump from the RPGWatch database and there are situations which might be confusing, for example, Divinity 2 was released in 2009, so can't be voted for, yet Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance and Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga were released in 2010. If you vote for one, do you also vote for the other, or arre you secretly voting for Divinity 2 or not? We have set no rules for anything that could be confusing, like this. Just send your votes and explain what you meant with your votes to lackblogger and it is up to him to sort it all out.

Voting will close on 28th February 2020 at midnight in Tonga.

I assume that given the fact that lackblogger needs to be PMed that it is clear you need to be a registered member of RPGWatch.

Once the voting has been closed, expect lackblogger to come up with a complex algorithm that includes all the possible variables, which will result in a list that we will then name the official RPGWatch Game of the Decade list.

Happy voting!

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