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RPGWatch - Summer 2021 Key Giveaway Preparation

by Myrthos, 2021-06-10 10:09:05

it is that time of the year again to get rid of some of your keys that you have not used yet, so you can share them with your fellow members at RPGWatch. For this Summer 2021 giveaway (read Winter 2021 giveaway, when you are on the Southern hemisphere) you can send me a PM, as usual. The information I need from those sending in the keys is the following:

  • Title of the game
  • The actual key, if you want RPGWatch to send the keys to the winners. Otherwise you will send the key to the winner and we don't need to know the key
  • What platform the key is from (Steam, GOG, etc.)
  • If you want the key returned when there is no winner for it. If not, RPGWatch will publish any remaining key on the forums in a thread only visible for registered members with at least 7 posts, after the giveaway.

We’ll stop accepting keys after Monday the 14th of June.

As usual, the actual key giveaway that follows is closed for everyone who registered after or on this day, the 10th of June 2021.

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