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RPGWatch Feature - Battle Brothers Review

by Myrthos, 2017-05-18 21:25:27

Forgottenlor's next review is for Battle Brothers. A game he feels is one of the best strategy RPGs released these days.

Battle Brothers is a tactical RPG, and is best compared to games like X-Com and Heroes of Might and Magic. You spend a very large percentage of the game on the tactical battlefield. A game like this lives or dies based on how enjoyable it is to fight. The developers really did an excellent job with this portion of the game. While there are plenty of fine tactical games on the market, what really sets Battle Brothers apart is its fine attention to detail.

There are a large number of melee weapons each with its own specialty. Swords are fast and can be used to riposte. Axes can destroy enemy shields and you can't imagine how useful that can be. Flails can make aimed head shots. Never go into battle with orcs without a hammer. These can be used to destroy armour. Spears can be used to prevent enemies from entering the square in front of you. Pole arms can attack from the second rank. Two handed weapons are nasty, but require a lot of fatigue to use, and unlike many games, a shield in battle brothers often means the difference between life and death. Ranged weapons especially show the love for detail. Fire a bow or crossbow into a crowd, and even if you have a low chance to hit a particular target, you still have a good chance to hit the target or one of their neighbours.

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