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RPGWatch Feature - Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption Review

by Myrthos, 2018-09-12 11:28:08

Corwin checked Hero-U for that Quest for Glory vibe and apparently enjoyed himself while doing that.

About twenty five years ago when I was looking for a new game to play I came across a Sierra RPG/Adventure game hybrid title called ‘Quest For Glory’. At the time, I was gaming on a C64 and only thinking about ‘upgrading’ to an IBM PC. This game not only needed a ‘proper’ computer, but something called a 286. However, the game sounded so great I just had to get both it and a 286. This was my introduction to PC gaming. The series had 5 games in total and I loved every one of them. Sure, they weren’t ‘pure’ RPG’s, but they were FUN and bright and lively and chock full of corny humour and puns.


Sadly, that genre sort of faded away in popularity replaced by ‘shooters’ and hard core gritty RPG’s. Lighter, fun games weren’t for ‘serious’ gamers and then MMO’s arrived to further muddy the waters. I despaired of ever playing something similar again. However, about five years ago the creators and developers of the original series reappeared on Kickstarter with a plan to revive the genre for gamers old and new. Corey and Lori Cole, the husband and wife team behind Quest for Glory have finally released the first in what’s hoped to be a new series set in the same game world as the original which should appeal to all its former fans.

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