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RPGWatch Feature - The Council Interview

by Myrthos, 2018-03-13 11:49:51

Farflame talked to Game Director Sylvain Sechi to talk about The Council, a narrative adventure/RPG game, set during the French revolution.

RPGWatch: I noticed that development studio Big Bad Wolf worked mainly on action games and ARPGs in the past. So why the idea to create a narrative adventure? How did it start?

Sylvain Sechi: We looked at our previous games (Of Orcs and Men and the Game of Thrones RPG, for example) and decided we wanted to focus entirely on our main strength: story. Regarding combat, we had the desire to translate the common combat RPG mechanisms that can be found in most CRPGs into a narrative experience. We did the same with every RPG feature with one core question motivating us: "how can we translate this feature into a narrative feature?"

For combat, as stated above, but also for character sheets, skills, talents, traits, leveling up, inventory, and so on. That was our first pillar regarding the vision when starting work on The Council, and while we were at it, we named the genre of the game "Narrative RPG". It was also important for us to create a game where the main form of interaction was not hitting/killing people or creatures.

Our second pillar was "consequences over choices". We absolutely wanted to craft a consequence-based game, and not simply a choice-based game.

The first episode of The Council is scheduled to be released today on Steam. Here is the launch trailer:


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