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Rune II - Roadmap for 2020

by Silver, 2020-02-11 12:55:14

@TechRaptor Rune 2 now has a roadmap for 2020.

The development team are overhauling and presenting major improvements to several features and core game mechanics. Combat is set to receive a number of changes, namely in how players block incoming attacks, removing stamina drain when performing light attacks, and generally improving the way fights pan out. Rune II players will be happy to hear that the studio might bring back one of the Ages previously released. The studio is focused on continuously improving the quality of life of the currently available Ages of Ragnarok. The suggested changes include a "ton of visual polish," exploring the possibility of shifting the map and unlocking regions that weren't accessible in previous Ages, and even allowing the players to kick them off at their own pace.


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