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Scarlet Republics - Interview @ TBL

by Hiddenx, 2020-09-14 18:14:01

The Turn Based Lovers chatted with Kristian, creative director at Audacity Interactive about his current project Scarlet Republics:

10 Turns Interview with Scarlet Republics developers


Hi Kristian, thanks for the time you are dedicating us. First of all, can you tell us a little about yourself, your studio, and experiences?

My name is Kristian, I’m the creative director at Audacity Interactive. We founded the studio in 2018 with a dream of telling awesome fantasy stories and making amazing RPGs. The last two years have been incredibly challenging and fulfilling and seeing it all pay off in the Kickstarter is just grand. I am a true fantasy and tactics nerd; almost every Fire Emblem game has been completed on the hardest difficulty, and there are only few great fantasy authors or books I can’t discuss for hours on end! And – possibly my proudest achievement – I had, until recently, actually caught all the Pokemon.

Before going into the details of your project, what is the best way to describe Scarlet Republics?

Well, originally, I would joke that it was just Fire Emblem with choice. I loved Fire Emblem games but always wanted to have just that little extra influence over the story and the characters. But the project has changed quite a bit since those early days, especially once we closed in on mood and setting. It has become a lot more ambitious and – to be honest – a more beautiful game than I had ever originally imagined. The combination of the inspiration from the Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci, which especially shines through in the game’s art, gives the game a unique look and feel. Today, I’d be happy to see it described as a well-written, engaging, and immersive grimdark fantasy story, that’s also an amazing tactical RPG; where choices truly matter, both story-wise and in the game’s many fantastic battles.



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