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Sea of Stars - Funded!

by Hiddenx, 2020-03-22 10:35:57

The RPG Sea of Stars has already been funded on Kickstarter:

Funded in under 7 hours! + Stretch Goals Reveal

What’s the most cliche’d way to start this? By saying wow? Because, wow!

We were confident about the target, and had a whole lot of cool things planned to keep the momentum going over the next two weeks. Yet here we are, completely unprepared, and caught off guard by an overwhelmingly positive response! Thank you so much for your support, it certainly warms our hearts in these trying times <3

As we realize that crying and laughing at the same time can be sustained for *checks clock* 6 hours straight, we find ourselves having to reveal stretch goals way ahead of schedule. We had a lot of pretty cool ideas : getting a Legendary JRPG Composer™ to contribute a couple of tracks, adding fully animated 2D cinematic cutscenes to the game for especially special story beats, a free DLC, even shooting a behind the scenes documentary over the next two years as we go through this dream of a production!

Let’s start with lower stakes and see how far we can all take this.

First stretch goal, a free content update: Single Player +

Based on some of the comments we’ve been receiving so far, a lot of people feel inclined to traverse the world with a friend.

It is not a fully-fledged co-op mode, however, meaning the main character is always the one to control the camera, enter and exit zones, or trigger important events.

Single Player + lets a second player drop in and out at will, so that the two heroes can roam the world together, swimming, climbing , and jumping all over the place. The + player even controls their own character during combat!

Not good enough? We agree! Single Player + would also come with a few optional puzzles that require two players to complete for the best experience, eventually unlocking the “Halls of Cooperation”, a short bonus dungeon best experienced with a friend. 

If the stretch goal is reached, our team will start working on the free Single Player + update as soon as the game releases!

Once again, thanks for the support! <3

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