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Shadows: Awakening - Ye Olde Gamer Review

by Silver, 2021-11-22 22:52:50

Ye Olde Gamer has reviewed and recommended Shadows: Awakening.


Welcome to our Shadows Awakening review. I’ve mentioned before that in the realm of Action RPGS, Diablo II is the king… proof of this is that almost every game tries to replicate its winning formula in some capacity. Some, like Grim Dawn and Titan Quest, do it very successfully, and some well… not so much.

Last year I played Wolcen… a game that desperately tried to take the old Diablo II formula for a spin. The leveling system and the way in which you learn and improve your skills are different from your standard fare action rpg, it’s a lot more story-based than your typical ARPG and it even introduces dodge roll mechanics in the hopes of bringing the game a little closer to a… Dark souls experience I suppose.It seems to me like the developers were trying hard to innovate but at the same time they weren’t really considering the genre’s possibilities beyond the Diablo II formula. And… well… however great Diablo II was… an action RPG can be different from Blizzard's Classic. Just like Capcom’s Street Fighter formula is not the only game in town when it comes to fighting games, nor World War II the only theme for a shooter…

And I think Games Farm proved to every aspiring and established developer out there, that the action RPG genre may yet still be turned on its ear… And Shadows awakening does turn the genre on its ear.This is more of a story-based action role playing game than most of its peers and its combat its combat revolves more around "combat tactics" than character builds. Also it's not much of a looter, but it's still one of the best in the genre.In this video we'll cover Shadows Awakening as well as its two DLC's The Chromaton Chronicles and Necrophage's curse.

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