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Skullstone - Development Updates

by Silver, 2019-01-05 11:54:20

The latest development update for Skullstone looks at a dungeon boss. There is also some test gameplay video from November.


Salmanu is the second Boss Mob in Skullstone. There is a bit of interesting story about him - you'll find everything in the game, reading notes and talking to NPC. Here in this video I made quick fight with him, testing his new skill 'summon minion', which I just finished coding. He also deals nice AoE damage and casts debuff 'confusion'. That was the reason why at some point I turned right and left several times in a row.


This gameplay has been recorded by Karol Kotowicz, a professional software tester who helps us with closed beta tests. By the way... the walls are not in their final version.

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