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Solasta - A Primer on Animating

by Hiddenx, 2019-11-28 16:57:04

Henriquejr spotted an interesting article about Solasta: Crown of the Magister:

TL;DR #7: A primer on animating Solasta

Hello there folks! We're back with... TL;DR? What is this nonsense? Well, we thought that having two different type of articles named "Dev Diary" and "Dev Update" might be a little confusing, so we decided to rename "Dev Diary" into "TL;DR". As a reminder, "Dev Update" articles present the work we do on Solasta on a bi-weekly basis, while "Dev Diary / TL;DR" focus on a particular topic - like Game Design, or in today's article, Animation.

If I had to name one person as a reliable source of entertainment in our studio, it would be Grégoire - our Lead Animator - for he truly is a mystery. On one hand, he is a one-man army who constantly produces high quality, buttery smooth animations at an incredible speed. On the other, he regularly unleashes cosmic horrors upon the rest of the team for his own amusement (...and ours too, let's not lie about it). Just check the gif at the end of the article, you'll see what I mean.



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