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Solasta - Half-Elf and Music Upgrade unlocked

by Myrthos, 2019-10-03 11:11:47

The voters for the half-elf or half-orc to be added to Solasta, favored the half-elf. And with one day to go the full orchestral music upgrade has been unlocked as well, which makes the next stretch goal another vote. This time about which of four monsters to add.

The music upgrade was about this:

Currently, we have planned for live musicians recordings in studio for Maxime Hervé's compositions - most often done individually. 

This Stretch goal will be used to extend it to Live Orchestral recording sessions. This means not only more recordings for more variations and better interpretation, but also a greater cohesive musical ensemble to create an even more vibrant world. 

The four monsters are:

Bulette - Extremely dangerous and heavily armored, the Bulette burrows beneath the ground to snatch its prey from below.

Remorhaz - A gigantic beast that can grow up to 40 feet long, the Remorhaz is a monster that can produce an incredible amount of heat, easily melting any non-magical weapons that dare hit it. 

Cloaker - A stealthy creature of the dark, the Cloaker is an intelligent monster that manipulates shadows and hunts unsuspecting victims from above. 

Roper - A horrifying monster that often goes undetected until it's too late, the Roper grabs its victims with long tendrils to sap their strength, drawing them close to consume.


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