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Solasta - Wishing Well Update - Taking a Look

by Redglyph, 2021-09-13 16:20:14

Tactical Adventures shares the main themes of the submissions they have received about the 2 new subclasses. They also announce that the vinyl disks have been sent and should be received shortly by physical-tier backers.

Wishing Well Update - Taking a look at the submissions!

It's been a bit more than a week since the Wishing Well Event ended, and we received so many submissions that we're still going through them all! No I mean seriously, we have several thousands of class features to read through, so that's going to take some time. In any case, thank you so much for your participation - we're super happy about how many of you took the time to send us your awesome ideas. But we aren't about to keep everything for ourselves! Today, we'll be presenting the main themes behind the subclass designs we received.


Barbarian Paths

Mighty warriors driven by their rage, overpowering their enemy through pure physical prowess and innate combat senses where Fighters shine through training and skills. You could draw similitudes to what Sorcerers are to Wizards: it's in their blood. 


Druid Circles

Druids are full on spellcasters who trade the ability to wear metal and to shoo spooky skeletons away with the ability to turn into animals - and large ones at that. 


How will I know if my submission is selected?

Before releasing the DLC (date not yet revealed), we will announce which ideas we selected (and some personal favorites as well) in a news post just like this one – and the name or nickname you put in the Google Form will also be added to the in-game credits as Community Designer. 

The Vinyl Disks are starting to arrive!

Some of you in France may have already received theirs! For all the others, our audio partner G4F gave us the following estimates:

  • France: About a week
  • Europe: 2-3 weeks, maybe more depending on the country
  • USA: Around a month
  • Others: 1-2 months


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