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Songs of Conquest - Early Access Review @ RPS

by Hiddenx, 2022-05-12 15:14:44

Rock Paper Shotgun checked out Songs Of Conquest:

Songs Of Conquest early access review: an already-stylish tactical RPG

Just a few days ago, the expected release of Songs Of Conquest turned into the expected release of Songs Of Conquest into early access. There are times when such a pivot might dramatically change the angle you'd need to review a game from.

This isn't really one of those times, because I think I'd be recommending Songs Of Conquest overall as it is anyway. Giving it an estimated year for Lavapotion to "figure out, together with the community, what features we should prioritize" could well push me into a wholehearted endorsement, though. 


Some unevenly mighty magic aside, Songs Of Conquest is a comfortable, satisfying tactical RPG with lots of potential for fiendish spellcasting tricks. 

Thanks Henriquejr!

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