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Spell Master: The Saga - Update

by Hiddenx, 2022-06-20 17:25:38

Farflame spotted an update for Spell Master: The Saga:

Update v. 0.8.4

New quests, new NPCs, new items

  • The Cursed Village storyline.
  • New quests for the village "Piedmont" and new quest mechanics.
  • New NPCs - quest characters, merchants and teachers. New types of enemies.
  • Skills "Butchering" and "Herbalism".
  •  Alchemy skill and alchemy equipment.
  •  Over 40 new alchemical recipes.
  •  Over 100 new resource processing recipes.
  •  Over 150 new items: resources and potions.
  •  A new category of items - openable pouches with gold and other items.
  •  New types of alchemical potions.
  •  New armor for the main character.
  •  Fixed camera falling through walls.

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