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Spiderweb Games - Avadon Interview @ RPG Codex

by Dhruin, 2010-06-14 21:13:35

Jeff Vogel has been interviewed at RPG Codex on Avadon, with some comments towards the end about his other plans (remaking Avernum 1-3) and possibly investigating handheld platforms.  Here's a snip:

9. How will dialogue be handled? In what ways will it affect the course of the game? Are there any skills related to it? Any dialogue between party members?

Dialogue will be similar to our previous games, but with more role-playing type choices, places to express your opinion, and so on. There will be quite a few conversations between party members.

There will not be skills related to dialogue. Right now, I think it fits the game world better to make the best conversation trees I can and make those available to everyone.

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