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Spire of Sorcery - Coming to early access 2018

by Silver, 2017-11-13 00:05:53

Spire of Sorcery is described as an original mix of strategy and RPG. It is being designed by Alexey Bokulev who authored turn-based strategy Eador. Genesis and digital board game Gremlins, Inc. The game is due to release on Steam early access 2018.

About This Game

In this original mix of strategy and RPG designed by Alexey Bokulev (author of turn-based strategy Eador. Genesis and digital board game Gremlins, Inc.), you will:

  • expand and upgrade your magic spire, balancing the needs to research, craft and defend;
  • choose and teach your disciples, discovering their personal traits and collaboration capacities when matched in parties and sent on quests;
  • explore the vast open world stretching from the Empire to the Distorted Lands, seeking new knowledge, resources and sources of power - as well as establishing relations with the locals.

But above all else, you will try to survive: the troops of the Inquisition are roaming the land, hunting for runaway mages; and dwellers of the lawless wild, human and not, are on the lookout for easy prey.

Yet your most powerful enemy is neither of those. It is the time itself - the approaching death from old age. Only one thing can save you: the elixir of youth. Several ancient manuscripts mention it in passing... There must be a way to learn the formula. There must be a way to obtain the ingredients... Before it's too late.


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