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Starflight 3 - Updates

by Silver, 2018-09-13 10:29:51

A new update for Starflight 3 announces an interview that was conducted on Reddit and another update announces addons.

You Spoke and We Listened!

We’ve been keeping an eye in the comments section, reading every tweet and basically scouring the internet for what folks are saying. And we think you could use some options! So, today we posted 3 new add-ons for people who want to add some of the sweet backer-exclusive items to their pledge. Check em out!


Greg’s Doing a Reddit AMA This Thursday! Limited Run Fulfilling Box Copies!

Join our AMA This Thursday!

This Thursday, September 13th at 11AM Pacific, Greg will be doing an AMA on Reddit! Got some burning Starflight questions that have haunted you since childhood? Want some sort of hint to Starflight 3’s story? Curious about whatever happened to the Red Herring? This Thursday is your time!


Thanks Farflame!

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