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Sunless Skies - Interview

by Silver, 2018-02-13 14:52:24

MCV interview Failbetter Games about Sunless Skies and whether early access 'curiousity' is dwindling.

The game has also been hit by several changes to Steam's marketplace, which is affecting Early Access games negatively.

"Valve has reduced the exposure Early Access titles titles tend to get on the platform, very sensibly," Myers mentioned. "It's very sensible, probably as a way to protect people from problematic early access games, ones that end up not getting finished."

However, Myers says there also seems to be less interest from the public with regards to getting stuck into an Early Access game. "Players have sated the curiosity that initially seemed to motivate a lot of players to back Early Access projects, in terms of going through the development process," adds Myers.

"Now, players are more likely to base their purchasing decision on whether or not they think it's the right time to experience the game."

For Sunless Skies, a game with a heavy narrative focus, Myers posits that a lot of players could be waiting for the game to be complete before they throw themselves in rather than experiencing just a small part of it.

It's a tough blow for Failbetter, and has unfortunately seen them part ways with several members of staff, delaying the game past its initial launch date. Work on the game continues, rapidly, and both Myers and Flynn say there's no risk the studio won't deliver.


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