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SWG: Retruss Event & HoC Transcript @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-06-29 00:18:00
SOE has updated the official Star Wars Galaxies site with details of a new in-game event and the transcript of the latest Stratics House of Commons chat. Here's a snippet from the chat session:
Brannoc *MrD* Question on the new Player Character Appearance Improvements, Is the plan to add the missing races in Chapter 3? and will this allow for or include the ability for more customization in the future. E.G. Braid's/Dreadlock's for Wookiee's.

temujin The Humans, Zabraks, and Twileks with chapter 2, beyond that we are still working on which race will go out with which chapter. The changes will not hamper any further customization, however none is currently planned.

Brannoc *GeneralH* With publish 29 all bogus titles currently in game that people were using were removed. I am fine with this fix however those Jedi who unlocked pre-9 lost their titles as well. Many of us spent months to unlock and even longer to finish our Jedi only to have our titles we worked for taken from us. Is there any fix coming to restore the pre-9 titles to those Jedi and ONLY those Jedi who were pre publish 9 and earned

Helios_SOE Unfortunately the data that would be required to restore those titles properly is lost and we will never be able to do that. :-/ We will continue to add new titles for future achievements, however.

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