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The Ascent - Review @ RPGFan

by Redglyph, 2021-10-13 11:47:53

RPGFan reviewed The Ascent, and didn't like it so much.

The Ascent

Boy howdy do I love me some cyberpunk. Action RPGs, top-down shooters, always-night cities, dingy everything — sign me up! The Ascent is distinctly cyberpunk. Artistically similar to the Shadowrun series on PC, The Ascent turns the visuals up to eleven. Not only is this a technically beautiful game, but the degree of detail in every single location is staggering and borderline intimidating. Match those visuals with astounding voice acting and engrossing vignettes from passersby as players explore the world, and what’s not to love? Well, the gameplay and bugs, for starters.



Shocking level of detail, outstanding voice acting, a visual sense of personality.


Some of the most poorly executed and planned game design in recent memory, bugs everywhere, shallow central narrative.

Bottom Line

I know this is beautiful — how bad could it be — but please avoid it at all costs, no matter how cheap it is on sale.

Overall Score: 58/100

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The Ascent

SP/MP: Co-Op
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