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The Chronicles of Myrtana - Aiming for Autumn 2020

by Silver, 2020-01-07 21:41:07

GamePressure reports that Gothic 2 mod The Chronicles of Myrtana is aiming for an autumn 2020 release.

The team at SoulFire shared another (after the December summary of 2019) video devoted to The Chronicles of Myrtana, a huge modification for Gothic II. In the video entitled The Final Stretch, the devs revealed their plans to develop their ambitious project, and also revealed when we can expect its launch. As it turns out, the debut of The Chronicles of Myrtana is planned for autumn 2020. As the authors say, at present they cannot share the exact date, as it depends on many factors, including, among others, the availability of individual team members, dubbing actors or, finally, rooms for recording dialogue.



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