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The Feud: Wild West Tactics - Review @ TBL

by Hiddenx, 2020-07-25 15:16:28

The Turn Based Lovers have reviewed the recently released tactical RPG The Feud: Wild West Tactics:

The Feud: Wild West Tactics – Review

Recent release of Desperados 3 showed that action and shooting gallery aren’t the only genres that work in the Wild West setting. Though Desperados series is a stealth tactic game, it’s still in real-time. The Feud: The Wild West Tactics, however, not only went full turn-based, but it also added a strategy layer.
Heroes of Guns and Horses

And its strategy gameplay feels a lot like the HoMM series. Except you don’t upgrade your main base. And posses you send from there consist entirely of ‘heroes’, that are hired guns with their statistics and abilities.

You also have a research tree that holds various ‘technologies’. Some increase production of the game’s four resources – money, ore, wood, and goods. Others raise some statistics during combat. Or grant bonuses for the ‘strategy level’, increasing amount of posses that you can own simultaneously, for example.


For a Fistful of Dollars

For what it’s worth, The Feud: Wild West Tactics offers a rare tactical experience in the ‘Wild West’ setting. It has its moments. And strategic mode with capturing settlements has a lot of potentials.

However, that potential is never fully realized. Research and characters leveling-up doesn’t offer much new abilities beside ‘+10 to some stat’ or ‘a shot that stuns or puts other debuff’. And because of lacking variety, the game can become boring rather fast.

Maybe you could squeeze some more tactical ideas from multiplayer. But the game doesn’t have multiplayer.

So, overall The Feud deserves a score above the average, as it stands out among indie games due to its setting. But not by much.

Score: 6/10

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