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The Tenth Line - Patch 1.01

by Hiddenx, 2017-03-19 09:14:43

The side scrolling RPG The Tenth Line got an update:

Version 1.01

Good morning, friends! I am uploading a quick update to address a couple of semi-urgent concerns. A more substantial update will come eventually; please keep the feedback, technical issues, and other goodies coming, and I'll address them as I can! (I'm just one man, so, your patience is a blessing!)

Change log:

  • Defeating all foes on the field will now automatically end the attack phase, unless a "super" attack is being performed.
  • Added I-J-K-L as a keyboard option for the D-Pad. Actual key re-mapping is coming later!
  • Added the option to enable VSync. You can do this by launching the configuration tool and choosing a VSync option from the quality settings drop-down.

Coming later:

  • Button remapping
  • Steam Cloud support
  • Other things! I'm new to this, so let me know!

The first Steam reviews are pretty good!

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The Tenth Line

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