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The Waylanders - Weapons, Backerkit & PAX East

by Silver, 2019-03-15 11:56:33

A new update for The Waylanders looks at Weapons, Backerkit and PAX East!

Weapons, Backerkit and... PAX East!

Posted by Gato Salvaje (Creator)

Greetings adventurers,

We have some news and announcements. Here we go!

If you followed the previous updates, you'll know about the three exclusive weapons included in the +$80 reward tiers:

exclusive weapons

Well, the weapons have gone from concept art to finished 3D models. And this is the result!

Werewolf bow Werewolf bow

Werewolves represent the traditional way to craft a weapon, as they scavenge and combine present-in-nature materials. In this particular case, the bow is made with antlers.

Werewolf weapons are usually finished with some leather, ropes, and even metallic ornaments. They intentionally paint these weapons with dark colors to give off a rougher vibe.  

Mourian sword Mourian sword

Mourian weapons provide a counterpoint to the werewolves' style. They use smoother shapes and elegant ornaments to embellish their weapons. Gold and precious metals reflect the power and wealth of this race. They fight with style! 

Fomorian rod Fomorian rod

Intimidation and strength are the best words to describe Fomorian weapons. Given their limited access to quality materials, they mostly use bones as a base for combat-oriented objects.

They’ve perfected the art of bone-carving, and for good reason; animal skulls and feet are a good way to make durable and devastating weapons.



We have great news. We are proud to announce that The Waylanders will be one of the featured projects in the Kickstarter booth at PAX East! We are very grateful for their confidence in our Project.

So, we'll be at Boston from March 28th to 31st, 4-6pm in the Kickstarter booth. If you are at PAX East, we invite you to try our playable pre-alpha demo! Don't miss this oportunity to be one of the first people who plays The Waylanders!

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