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This Is the Police 2 - XCOM-Style tactical Mode

by Hiddenx, 2018-04-14 08:37:42

Henriquejr spotted a preview for the strategy adventure game This Is the Police 2 on PC Gamer:

This Is the Police 2 has an XCOM-style tactical mode that changes the game entirely

Plan to prosecute.

Announced in January, crooked cop sim This Is the Police 2 is due later this year. When it lands, it'll build on its forerunner's narrative meets strategy roots and will "require the player's direct participation," so says developer Weappy. In doing so, it'll introduce an XCOM-style turn-based tactical mode.  

Here, players will command squads of officers, each leveraging a variety of tools—such as tasers, gas cartridges, traps and battering rams. In turn-based bouts, players will orchestrate raids with the aim of neutralising opponents, and, if you are forced to open fire, battles unfold with realistic damage. In other words, don't expect hit points.    

"We came with this idea for an XCOM-style, turn-based combat mode, but of course we didn't want to just make 'XCOM with cops'," game director Ilya Yanovich tells me. "The biggest difference here is that the police force's job is, usually, about arresting people, not killing them. So, we decided to have no hit points in this tactical mode at all.




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