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Torment: Tides of Numenera - 1 Day Left! More Add-ons, Sagus Cliffs Set to Music

by Woges, 2013-04-05 01:22:40

With one day to go InXile offer what seems to be their last major update including a tech presentation of the previous screenshot with animation & Mark Morgan music.

TL;DR: Sagus Cliffs in Unity with new Mark Morgan music (video). New add-ons! Colin McComb answers some of your questions (video).

Hello Forgotten Ones,

28 hours left. We had a strong showing yesterday – over 2500 new backers (hi!) and $150K! Today is going even better – we’re well on track to eclipse yesterday’s totals. A special thanks to Obsidian Entertainment who, in a classy show of solidarity, formally pledged to Torment today, helping us to climb toward their own record. Can we reach $4M and become the most funded video game Kickstarter yet? RPG fans unite!

To review the rewards included with each pledge Tier, check out the tables on our tumblr site. Descriptions of the rewards can be found here

And to look at the available add-ons (and how to include add-ons in your pledge) check here.

We'll be sending a brief update tomorrow morning, but with this one you've seen all we have to show. =) Onward to the finale!

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