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Total War: Warhammer II - Development Update

by Silver, 2017-12-06 19:30:16

Eurogamer reports that Creative Assembly has had some trouble developing Mortal Empires for Total War: Warhammer I and II.

Creative Assembly has issued a refreshingly frank update on the progress - or lack of - of Total War Warhammer's development.

The blog post revolves around Mortal Empires, the ambitious mode that combines the maps of Total War Warhammer and Total War Warhammer 2 into one mega campaign (for more on how it works, check out the video below from our own Chris Bratt).

While this mode was long-awaited by Total War fans, its release has not been smooth sailing, with a raft of bugs and delays dampening enthusiasm.

"Mortal Empires has not been as smooth for all players as it should have been, and we feel some explanation is in order," Creative Assembly said.

Brand director Rob Bartholomew admitted Creative Assembly's update schedule "is behind where we (and likely you) would like it to be". The sticking point is the addition of Norsca into Mortal Empires, which "has given us no end of trouble".

Creative director Mike Simpson went one further, saying: "The truth is we screwed up.

"We got so good at branching and merging builds, we thought we had it mastered," he explained.

"Merging is easy when the things that have changed in one branch don't coincide with the things that have changed in the other. It gets more difficult when the changes overlap - you most often have to manually intervene to pick which branch is 'right'. Typically, merges get exponentially more difficult the longer branches stay apart, as the chance of changes clashing increases."

Creative Assembly had planned to take the Norsca branch from Warhammer 1 as well as a raft of improvements to that game and merge it with Warhammer 2. This plan, it turned out, "was bollocks".

Here's the detail (put the kettle on, this gets into the nitty gritty):

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