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Tower of Time - Review Roundup

by Silver, 2018-04-13 10:48:48

Tower of Time has been reviewed by a number of sites.

There’s a lots to like about Tower of Time; for me something I appreciated was the way Artara’s descent into destruction was described and seems almost inevitable, which reminded me fondly of The Banner Saga. And like The Banner Saga, I will be curious to see how Tower of Time develops over the course of its series; to see the ways that it might innovate further, but a part of me can’t help but hope Artara is another doomed world, like Aurelia from Endless Legend. Tower of Time isn’t a massively ground-breaking game, but is a solid addition to the RPG genre, consistent with itself and impressive for a first time development. So if you’re looking for a new RPG, don’t mind reading or point and click dungeon crawling, then Artara might just be for you.

Hooked Gamers 7.8/10

Tower of Time is more than just a good RPG game. It invents some new game mechanics in the RPG-Adventure genre, displays immersive visuals and audio and has a cast of enjoyable characters and identities. While its story is too generic for my taste, most RPG-fans will love it all the more.

Most of all, Tower of Time is engaging, it begs to be played, to be experienced, first-hand. You won't regret picking Tower of Time up April 12th, as by then this game will be finished and have loads of well-crafted, polished and inspiring gameplay components waiting to be played.

Keen Gamer 8.5/10

I can’t begin to tell you how much customization is in this game. From selecting party members to the level up stat distribution, gear load outs, enchantment selections, moral choices in dialogue and the decisions on which environmental interactions to risk taking this is some of the most freedom I have ever seen in a game that is not of the contemporary open world design.

In the very best sense of the statement, Tower of Time is a game that requires a commitment to really dive into and explore all that it has to offer. It is a bit of a slower game but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad pacing, just that it wants you to become absorbed in it. It isn’t for everyone but those people who enjoy a rich, lengthly RPG that requires as much put into it as is gotten out of it, Tower of Time is a must play.

Pixel Opinions 8/10

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