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Underworld Ascendant - Weekly Update

by Silver, 2018-03-12 23:22:32

On the Underworld Ascendant forums there was a weekly update posted which announced that the end of Alpha is near.

Hey everyone!

I almost forgot to post today since I had just made one last Friday... thank you for the reminder @Flug!

So the first is a Mac and Linux update, which I posted about in this thread.
Here's the quote:

Quote from: sluangkhot on Today at 09:52:57 AM

We'll probably have to generate new Steam keys and set up a new list on BackerKit so that any Mac and Linux users will receive a key from the correct list.

Speaking of which, I have an update!

So the good news is that we're able to make a Mac and Linux build! The bad news is that there's some startup issues due to using an older Unity version with some bugs we have to hammer out, and there's no audio in the build because our wwise license expired. (We were using wwise, an external audio system, back in August to handle our audio for the Windows pre-alpha build, but now that we're building after the expiration, there's no sound...)

So we're in an interesting position. Alpha should be finished within the next 2 months or so, and it may take us 1 month or longer to make the pre-alpha for Mac and Linux playable. (We're in the middle/close to end of an important milestone in the office, so we can't focus too many resources on the Mac and Linux builds, even with my eyes on it.) This part of porting takes the longest because Unity thinks the game can "run," but when we open the build on an actual Mac/Linux, we see a lot of minor compiling bugs that take away from the experience. (Long periods of black screen, non-animated assets, etc).

I really appreciate everyone's patience as we work this out. At some point, we may be open to asking some of you to act as "external testers" to make sure the Mac and Linux builds are running, if at all. We only have one artist outside of the office who owns a Mac, and one friend-of-the-office who owns a Linux, so testing opportunities have been tough to coordinate.

So I know what I'm doing this week :') I also mentioned that we're nearing the end of Alpha and getting everything to rough Alpha draft or better. This means ALL the systems are in, ALL the characters are in, ALL UI... etc. We spent so much time on the mechanics and physics that we're finally catching up on other systems and roughing those out. (I mentioned hunger, trade, quest system, and the hub system last time, I believe?)

Of all the levels we have finished, the one we've spent the most time on recently is the "Basic Training" area/"Tutorial" space. It's been really important to us to make sure that systems, controls, and paths are clear, since this will be an introduction to the game. A lot of amusing feedback has come up, as well as fascinating "shortcuts" that we've decided to keep in. (Without spoiling much, one example is that about half the office plays "aggressively" and the other half likes to play "craftily," which has led to different approaches to testing the level. "I didn't have any trouble with this part, I just shot the lever with the bow & arrows I found after breaking down a pantry door." "I  thought we had to trick the Skeleton into opening the door for us! Where did you find the bow?!")

Our status from last Friday hasn't changed much, but here's what you can look forward to:
1. Our SXSW panel will bring some new shots and a reveal that I know Joe and I are REALLY excited about. We just finished wrapping up the final cut for that teaser today, and we hope you'll all visit the panel if you're able to in person!
2. After SXSW, we'll be posting the first of a series of videos that we made in collaboration with 505 Games. I won't spoil what it is, but it's been fun to make!
3. I'm polishing up the first draft of the newsletter, which I'm aiming to get out by the end of next Friday! There's a lot of topics we still want to cover before release, so I'm still coordinating with Joe on what we want to focus on, especially after some of our reveals after SXSW.

After all this filming, I've also been gathering some footage of areas and bugs I've come across recently. I just posted one on social today, in case any of you missed it! (Also... how's the darkness?)

Build-wise, we're working on finishing up some "secret stuff" (*cough cough* MAGIC SYSTEM) and the usual pipeline of "make a level, throw in some characters, tweak the animations, refine combat, make sure the level feels RIGHT, and then throw the level off to art to do an art pass, followed by a narrative eye". The next milestone coming up is due by the 23rd, so we're really nailing what's going into the final game at this point.

On a BackerKit-note, those of you who have Figurine access will have your BackerKit locked down on the 30th! Don't forget!!

I'll also be reaching out to more backers soon regarding rewards that require your input, so I'm in the midst of juggling forms and outline for that too. (ex: Custom Tabard, Statues with Your Likeness, Lordly Abodes, etc) Should be coming in the next month, if not sooner? *fingers crossed that everything gets approved quickly*

FINAL NOTE, I'll be posting our updated UA logo (and OSE logo!) either today or tomorrow. Phew!! I think that's my entire plate for today.

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