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Vampyr - Review @ Pro Gamer

by Hiddenx, 2018-07-08 22:22:58

Pro Gamer has reviewed Vampyr:

Vampyr Review

Around in the gaming scene, we do tend to get a lot of RPG games however not many that are vampire related. A lot of vampire games tend to die quickly without much thought and forgotten about but a fair few do shine through and have a cult following. You have the Legacy of Kain series, a massive series and a fan favourite for sure. Me being one of those fanboys and will be biased saying this is the best vampire games, however, a lot will say you have Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines. A lot of back and forth but you get the idea of not many vampire games out there to shine through. Now we have Vampyr, a new take on a vampire game on modern consoles with up to scratch graphics.

The first time I had seen Vampyr was actually a Facebook advert and this is where I see a lot of games that tend to go under the radar but actually have a lot of potential. One look at the trailer for Vampyr I was sold so I followed it all the way up to release hoping, maybe getting my hopes up, about Vampyr.


Vampyr is legit a vampire simulator. It’s a game about living life as a vampire fighting in a war of 2 worlds. You manage your blood levels, your stamina and others to become the ultimate vampire really. While on paper, Vampyr is an RPG vampire game, it’s literally just that but a good one. A lot of vampire games lose this and create their own originally but let’s be honest, we’ve waited a long time for a great vampire game and we finally have one. No over dramatics, no new origins stories. Everything we know and love as a kid of having a fear of vampires is here and you can play it. Vampyr could actually be the best vampire game out there.

Score: 8/10

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