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Van Helsing III - Review @ Gamesasylum

by Hiddenx, 2018-01-09 20:50:44

Gamesasylum has reviewed The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III:


The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III – Review

Laying eyes on Van Helsing III’s in-game menus for the first time is a daunting experience. It’s an information overload, presenting numerous pages and tabs showing character sheets with current stats, available weapon and spell upgrades, mission details, optional perks, a very Diablo III-esque inventory screen, plus behavioural settings for Lady Katarina – Van Helsing’s ghostly travelling companion.
Van Helsing III is an odd proposition. The RPG fundamentals are all present and correct, including online play. It’s a fast-paced, and in turn, offers a rewarding sense of progression – it’s possible to make significant progress in the space on an hour, levelling-up numerous times.

And while it may appear a little user-unfriendly and undecidedly po-faced initially, it isn’t long until its merits become obvious. Even those unfamiliar with the series can jump in and instantly start slaying, although it’s unlikely newcomers will care for the story.

When taken as a series finale, it falls a little short – this final chapter is light on memorable moments, almost as if developer Neocore created the whole thing while on auto-pilot. Ending with a whimper instead of a bang, Van Helsing III is more than serviceable but hardly a send-off to remember.

Score: 7/10

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