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Vaporum: Lockdown - Review @ Gamespace

by Hiddenx, 2021-06-05 12:15:58

Gamespace checked out the dungeon crawler Vaporum: Lockdown:

Vaporum: Lockdown – Steam Quick Hit Review

Vaporum: Lockdown is an enticing steampunk dungeon crawler RPG developed and published by Fatbot Games and the prequel to Vaporum. The developers were inspired by the classics of the genre like Eye of Beholder and the more recent Legend of Grimrock.

Follow the story of a scientist trying to escape a catastrophe in our Vaporum: Lockdown quick hit review.

The game features first-person real-time combat that takes place in an enclosed space with clear movement along the grid. At the same time, the game provides players with a unique time-stopping mechanic that allows for safe switching of weapons or a moment to breathe and think through your next steps before the enemy can catch you in a trap.

The steampunk aesthetic of the game adds a certain charm and an air of mysteriousness to the locations. The multitude of talented voice actors is very pleasing to one’s ears and the option for subtitles allows for an easier time to get into the story of the game.


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