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Vigilantes - Upcoming Changes

by Myrthos, 2017-07-13 12:19:39

A video has been made available that shows the upcoming changes in the next version of Vigilantes, like these combat changes:

  • Less, relatively more powerful enemies in combat. Currently there can be up to 20 characters in combat. The result is long turns, with many enemies getting to act between your characters' turns.
  • Less stat points. The current system of one stat point every level was created with quickly building test characters in mind. With less enemies, the player team must be balanced in relation to the opposing force. The ability to build stat increasing facilities will recoup some of these "lost" stat points.
  • Ally skill points. You will now get some skill points to allocate for your allies, providing better control over their development.
  • Less perk points, but more powerful perks. Underpowered perks is an other issue brought up by testers. We feel less perk points which unlock more powerful perks would be beneficial.


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