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Vigilantes - V1.06 Released

by Myrthos, 2019-09-06 20:06:01

A new update with new content for Vigilantes has been released, bringing it to version 1.06.

Hi everybody,
Vigilantes Version 1.06 is now available for your crime-fighting pleasure. The  focus of this update is content, with 5 new perks, 2 weapons, 3 utility  items, 3 crafting recipes, and 7 newspaper articles. A bug causing  issues with the difficulty of gang raids and a number of text errors  have also been fixed.

This appears to be the final update for the game.

It's  been almost a year since Vigilantes released, and almost 5 years  (yikes!) since development began. This sixth, post release update is  likely to be the last. So if you've been holding out on playing until  the game is *really* finished, this is it!

  Thanks for all your  support over the years - Vigilantes is a huge project in relation to the  size of the development team, and it just wouldn't have been possible  to bring it this far without your help

The developer is working on a new game at the moment.

I've  been working on a new game between updates for Vigilantes. It's still very much early stages in a several year project, but I can reveal the  following:

  - The next game will be... are you sitting down? ... a  turn based RPG. The setting is post apocalyptic with a dash of  cyberpunk. It avoids the more common set-ups for the apocalypse.

  -  There will be increased emphasis on design depth, story, gameplay  variety and player choice. Combat will not be the only solution, but  will still be important and more refined. Crafting will also be  substantially enhanced.

  - Each act will have a very different  setting and feel, and there will be unique game mechanics for each act.  Also, the quests you undertake in each act won't just be a series of  steps to the finale. The majority of actions you take will affect how  the finale plays out, and its difficulty.

  It's exciting (and  frightening) to be embarking on a new game after such a long time, and  though it will be a few months before regular progress updates begin, I  hope you'll stay tuned and play a part in the next game's development.

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