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Warhammer - Every Fantasy Game Ranked

by Redglyph, 2022-01-09 10:08:11

@rjshae spotted a ranked list of Warhammer games set in the Old World, the parody-football universe of Blood Bowl, and the Warhammer sequel setting Age of Sigmar, on PCGamer. Thanks!

Every Warhammer Fantasy game, ranked

For a brief period between 1983 and 1985, Games Workshop published their own videogames, including one called Chaos: The Battle of Wizards (created by a young developer called Julian Gollop who'd later make a name for himself with X-COM). But none of GW's videogames were set in their own Warhammer Fantasy universe. 

At the time the setting was a barely formed thing. 1984's second edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle focused on a conflict between alien frogs and Amazons with laserguns on the continent of Lustria. Only after GW got out of the videogame racket would the Old World refocus on the gritty fantasy version of Renaissance Europe that become Warhammer's center stage.

In 1991 Gremlin Interactive adapted the board game HeroQuest, and Warhammer finally came to computers. Though it was a version of Warhammer targeted at ages nine and up, it still included distinctive elements like the fimir and the threat of Chaos. There weren't many Warhammer games over the subsequent 20 years, just a couple of fondly remembered strategy games and a tragically doomed MMO, and it wasn't until the 2010s that the Old World was explored more fully. Much more fully.

In 2015 alone there were four Warhammer Fantasy games released on PC and four more Warhammer 40,000 games. We went from a drought to a flood, from nothing to more than any one person could keep up with... unless they dedicated months of their life to playing every single Warhammer videogame.

Well, I've done just that. I've played them all. This list will help you navigate the flood.


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