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Warlander - Interview @Gamingbolt

by Silver, 2019-09-09 11:17:12

Gamingbolt interviewed the developers behind Warlander.

It looks like the environment will also play a pretty important role in Warlander’s combat. Compared to the slicing mechanics though, would you say environmental manipulation is more an ancillary system, or do the two of them play an equally important role? 

The environment will play an important role in Warlander. Some arenas will overwhelm the players if they do not use the environment to their advantage. If you are up against a few undead enemies combined with heavy armored troops and ranged casters, have a look around. Players can use their Forest Vine power to throw an enemy off the cliff. You can throw your sword at a barrier to drop a ton of stones on them. Or, use your Wooden Stake projectile and destroy an explosive tank in their vicinity, blasting them to bloody bits. See if the floor is unstable and crumbling, destroy it and a large group of enemies will meet their doom in the pits below.

However, we also want players to go toe-to-toe with enemies and face challenging duels. It’s about keeping the combat varied throughout the game, but also about letting the players choose their own preferred playstyle.

Besides the slicing mechanic and the environmental stuff, what other options do players have during combat, in terms of things like abilities and stuff?

During the early stages of the game, Bruce will learn to throw his sword and cut things in the distance. He will also obtain a Forest Vine power, that allows him to grab enemies and throw them around. Bruce will also get a projectile-like weapon called Wooden Stake, that is good for destroying enemy armor or for long-ranged headshots. We also added Druid Dash, a fast move that propels Bruce forward to a distant enemy. All of these powers will have their various branching upgrades.


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