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WARSAW - Review @ 3CR

by Hiddenx, 2019-10-05 14:30:19

3CR has reviewed the tactical RPG WARSAW:

Review: Warsaw is Dour, Crushingly Difficult, and Often Just Soul-Crushing

During World War II, when the Soviets were finally pushing the German forces back, an uprising in Poland was getting ready to kick off. The exiled Polish government gave the go ahead for the local paramilitary forces in Warsaw—known as the “Home Army.” It was a ragtag group of freedom fighters. While they would be no match for the Germans occupying the Polish capitol, the Home Army only planned to fight for a few days, at which point Soviet forces would be there and Warsaw would be liberated. That outside help never came as the Soviets intentionally left the Home Army to fend for themselves, and eventually, despite the passion and some of the heaviest fighting the German forces ever faced, the Home Army fell. Warsaw is a game that depicts these events, and you’ll experience it from the narrow perspective of a group of freedom fighters.


Warsaw is crushingly difficult, and often just soul-crushing. It depicts a war you aren’t really supposed to win. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really translate into fun, and despite its important depiction of a notable historic event, and beautiful art, it’s such a dour, depressing game.

Score: 3.5/5


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